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Hehe my yay looks like a crab.. how cool.

Anyhoo, today is my Birthday! I would like to share to all you waterbabies...


Life is tough, we can be tougher. Thats why we have the shell.
Don't hide behind it, use it to march forward against the rising tide.
Embrace your abilities, even the ones you think are holding you back.

The biggest lesson I am learning now is this:
I am special, I have special abilities and a unique personality. Just because I live with myself everyday does not mean that I am bland and ordinary. It takes effort for others to be me, whereas there is no effort for me to do so. What I consider normal, is exemplary to others. So just continue to be me, don't "try". Trying to be is faking something that you do naturally. Just relax, build up your confidence and just be.

So, Happy Birthday to me, and any others out there that my share my special day.
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