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Hiya! I'm a newbie to this fab community, mind if I add any of you lovelies? :)

I guess I should do the survey... it's very long, and I'm very lazy... :/

when is your birthday? October 25 1985
what's your sun sign? scorpio
how tall are you? 5'2 (I'm a tiny person :D)
what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? anything artsy-fartsy, mostly fine arts (But, I'm not a snob!) music, poetry, classic movies and lit, and chagall and renior are two of my fav artists.
how would you describe your dress sense? I'm addicted to The Banana and The Gap, and anything v-neck that shows off my boobage! ;)
are you a jealous person? sometimes, but I try...
are you rebellious? gawd! I HATE POLICE, and most people in the judicial system...
do you hold grudges? not for long... I try to forgive, but I won't necessarily forget!
are you chilled out or intense? well, I have my swings, especially when it's that time of the month...

would people describe you as eccentric? like I mentioned above... but, I'm mostly even-tempered howver, I occaisionally pms :/ 
how opinionated are you? well, I do hold certain beliefs from experience

are you ruled by your head or your heart? it has to be a combo! but I guess I'm a bit more heart... I can't stand overly brainy people who are completely out of touch with their feelings!
how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? sensitive to a fault :/
how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? I try to be considerate towards others, and I'm always a sucker for emo, sob stories... I can totally feel your pain!
are you emotional or detached?  both, I just feel more needy/clingy some days, but I also need space too...
how romantic are you? very, I'm also a priss!
are you a vegetarian or vegan? can't, low bp, and I'm also anemic
do you have strong political views? I'm a fence-sitter...
what signs do you get along well with? I bond really well with the other water-babies (maybe it's cause of my moon in pisces...), but I get along with most people :)

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