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hey everyone! i'm new!

When is your birthday? July 16, 1989

what's your sun sign? Cancer

how tall are you? 5'10

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? art, music, science (although i am not excelltent in it)

how would you describe your dress sense? casual and comfortable

are you a jealous person? yes, although i work on it

are you rebellious? to certain extent.

do you hold grudges? yes, easily, but i also forgive easily, if done the right way

are you chilled out or intense? intense, but i have a great sense of humor

would people describe you as eccentric? i wouldn't say so

how opinionated are you? yes, but i respect those of others and mostly keep them so myself

are you ruled by your head or your heart? heart, for sure

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? very very sensitive. its probably how people know me best

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? i am very sensitive to others

are you emotional or detached? emotional

how romantic are you? extremely...i love love

are you a vegetarian or vegan? vegetarian!

do you have strong political views? yes, very much so

what signs do you get along well with? mostly, i have noticed i go for capricorns, geminis, taurus',other cancers, and aquarius', but my strongest relationships are with capricorns.
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