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Query.. Scorpio Girl .. Cancer Boy..

Hey folks, first time poster.. long time viewer/observer.

I just wanted to know what are people's perceptions, experiences be it friendship / romantic etc with regards to scorpio & cancerians.

I am the scorpio lass, and he's the cancerian lad .. we've been friends for a little over 18 months and things in recent months (5-6months) have developed into something a little more defined and deeper.. only we've both held off from showing our true colours/feelings ..

...reminds me very much of the kind of situations you experience in highschool, the so called, 'secret crush' that everybody knows ..yet the two parties involve continue to plea innocence.

"Oh..we're friends.. just -really- good friends.."

We've both been in very difficult and damaging relationships, once bitten twice shy and all that.. hence the careful tip toeing..

His 21st birthday is coming up, July 4th (hehesh ..independance baby) ..and so we're spending a week together in Sydney..

So .. to all you classy and wonderful folks out there.. any advice, any hints/tips on this upcoming situation? I just want to make sure first and foremost he has a very rad and memorable holiday week (its been a very difficult year for him so far for many reasons)..

Thank you all so much in advance!!!

Blessed be.
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