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[30 Jul 2008|12:12am]

how many scorpios would you say love themselves, hate themselves, or feel conflicted about how much they like themselves?
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Happy birthday Crabby people! [10 Jul 2007|01:08pm]

I was inspired to draw this for my little sister's birthday. I hope there are others who can appreciate it too. I'm selling prints if anyone's interested, just click the picture to full view and see the listing.

Here's a fun fact for a watery group: my husband is a Cancer - the Cardinal water sign, I'm a Scorpio - the Fixed water sign, and our daughter Morrigan is a Pices - the Mutable water sign :P

I hope you enjoy it,
Battlemaiden Studio
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yAy!! [09 Jul 2007|10:00am]

Hehe my yay looks like a crab.. how cool.

Anyhoo, today is my Birthday! I would like to share to all you waterbabies...


Life is tough, we can be tougher. Thats why we have the shell.
Don't hide behind it, use it to march forward against the rising tide.
Embrace your abilities, even the ones you think are holding you back.

The biggest lesson I am learning now is this:
I am special, I have special abilities and a unique personality. Just because I live with myself everyday does not mean that I am bland and ordinary. It takes effort for others to be me, whereas there is no effort for me to do so. What I consider normal, is exemplary to others. So just continue to be me, don't "try". Trying to be is faking something that you do naturally. Just relax, build up your confidence and just be.

So, Happy Birthday to me, and any others out there that my share my special day.
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Oo ?_? [09 May 2007|01:22am]

so....here are two dumb ones...

ever thought about polyamory? seems like every cancer i've spoken to acts like they are into being with more than one person at the same time [even when in a relationship] Oo

ever forced someone to do something they didn't want to? cancers do *not* strike me as forceful, though i've only known two who've been forceful.

one of my bosses is a scorpio, but she doesn't seem this way either.
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=] [09 May 2007|01:20am]

Hi! I'm a Scorpio trying to gather a general understanding of the Cancerian personality beyond friendship....Collapse )
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[02 Feb 2007|08:13pm]

didn't exactly know where to post this, so i'm xposting on astrologyinlove-

ok, so i'm a cancer, born on july 2nd, which, according to some astrology books means that the moon rules over me twice as powerful, because the number two is ruled by the moon as well. i have a scorpio 'friend' and everytime we have meaningful talks, there is a full moon. mean anything?
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Your ruler is robbed of his crown. [24 Aug 2006|10:37pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Since Pluto is no longer a planet as of today, I thought I'd post a couple of things I found for all of you with Scorpio in you.
I myself am a Pisces sun, scorpio moon.
Anyway... here you go.

2 news articles released today on the effect on astronomy due to the stripping of Pluto from the Planetary 9, plus Pluto random factsCollapse )

happy reading and learning! =)

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Query.. Scorpio Girl .. Cancer Boy.. [16 Jun 2006|04:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey folks, first time poster.. long time viewer/observer.

I just wanted to know what are people's perceptions, experiences be it friendship / romantic etc with regards to scorpio & cancerians.

I am the scorpio lass, and he's the cancerian lad .. we've been friends for a little over 18 months and things in recent months (5-6months) have developed into something a little more defined and deeper.. only we've both held off from showing our true colours/feelings ..

...reminds me very much of the kind of situations you experience in highschool, the so called, 'secret crush' that everybody knows ..yet the two parties involve continue to plea innocence.

"Oh..we're friends.. just -really- good friends.."

We've both been in very difficult and damaging relationships, once bitten twice shy and all that.. hence the careful tip toeing..

His 21st birthday is coming up, July 4th (hehesh ..independance baby) ..and so we're spending a week together in Sydney..

So .. to all you classy and wonderful folks out there.. any advice, any hints/tips on this upcoming situation? I just want to make sure first and foremost he has a very rad and memorable holiday week (its been a very difficult year for him so far for many reasons)..

Thank you all so much in advance!!!

Blessed be.

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Will Someone Please Help Me Make the Connection? [13 Jun 2006|10:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

*****I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone in here that I am a Pisces with a terrble parania complex...I'm sure you all feel me, desire to feel or completely understand what it is like to be a water sign...This entry has to do with religion and my personal questions. If you know or are interested in religions please read on...I would really like comments but it's ok if you dont*****

So there is this guy named Jesus...who supposedly was "the son of God"...now with my current understanding I am not sure if God would need a only one human man walking around the middle of the sandiest, driest, most oppressed part of the earth during a time when there was no electricity, indoor plumbing, internet, phones to come and "save the world".

Assuming I buy into that....AWESOME!!! but its hard for me to see past the generation gap and the over injury to the translations of this story. Not to mention there were religions before them and people still who have never heard of a man named Jesus...to make the leap of faith that I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God just the way the Bible depicts with the miracles and Virgin Mary's and Communion of Saints. The whole crucification thing...WOW MAD PROPS to this proposed Jesus. I do know if you existed that you chose to be human to show the race that we could believe in ourselves as the Child of God. And given us the faith to love another and believe in the One God. (Love)

So assuming all the above is true...I need someone to make the realization of greatness through sacrafice and make it work for me. It's the only way I see this ending peacefully. Why is it...then when I realize my heart's desire to make my amends public...I suddenly feel like a mindless sheep being read like a book. I then think my shell is vulenrable and suddenly I realize is fight or flight who cares if I'm not ready to deal with this or possible know the consquences of my knee jerk reactions...bc they are so rooted into my being that I have no control of them......

...So if anyone could tell me how jesus can help me do all that...I'd be a little less confused....But I think I'm leaning Buddist here.

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Zodiac Sign Icons [08 Jun 2006|09:51pm]

I don't know if icons are allowed here, if not, feel free to delete my entry.

see the rest

Please credit iconspirit and comment with which ones you take ♥
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[31 Jan 2006|07:04pm]

Hi all, I am home sick and waiting for my Nyquil to work so I decided to do this! :) I'm sure I formated it wrong, I'm sorry!

when is your birthday? July 10 1984
what's your sun sign? cancer
how tall are you? 5'4
what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? My favorite period for art is the Impression, I love that so much, I pretty much love any art from the 1800s-early 1900s though. As far as sports go I like to swim and watch NASCAR. I love all kinds of music from opera to jazz to modern stuff. Language I love, I'm going to try to learn Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese in my lifetime.
how would you describe your dress sense? I usually wear comfortable clothes but I love vintage stuff and dresses are a big thing for me.
are you a jealous person? Sometimes.
are you rebellious? Not really, I'm a goody two shoes! hehe
do you hold grudges? Sometimes, I am usually really forgiving of people I love though.
would people describe you as eccentric? No...
how opinionated are you? Somewhat? Not sure!! I do have some very strong opinions on certain things
are you ruled by your head or your heart? Heart
how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? Mostly oversenstive although it is getting better as I get older!
how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? Very senstive, I can always relate to other peoples feelings.
are you emotional or detached? Emotional
how romantic are you? Very romantic
are you a vegetarian or vegan? I'm not a vegetarian...but I'd really like to be, I have managed to give up pork though.
do you have strong political views? Mostly.
what signs do you get along well with? I get along with other water signs but they always end up breaking my heart!! Earth signs are great, Sags are wonderful...
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xox [26 Jan 2006|04:36pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hiya! I'm a newbie to this fab community, mind if I add any of you lovelies? :)

I guess I should do the survey... it's very long, and I'm very lazy... :/

cutting it for you dahlings who don't care! (so it doesn't clutter your friends page) :DCollapse )

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new [19 Jan 2006|07:46am]

[ mood | mellow ]

i think i joined this community then left a long time ago. i don't really remember. but here i am, again, i think? haha.

when is your birthday? 3-5-82

what's your sun sign? pisces

how tall are you? 5'8"

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? art and music have always been a big part of my life. languages fascinate me. science, mainly chemistry has caught my interest in the past year. very, very, very, interested in astrology.

how would you describe your dress sense? casual but nice, not too girly but definitely not tom-boyish.

are you a jealous person? at times.

are you rebellious? yes. i believe i will always have issues with authority figures. that doesn't work well for me when it comes to jobs and upper management. :\

do you hold grudges? it depends on the situation. i have had two very dear friends break my trust and love for them and while one of them i might bring back into my life the other is gone forever. i can never forgive her for what she said and did.

are you chilled out or intense? i go to extremes. i am either realy super intense or really laid back and don't give a flying monkey's butt if the sky were to fall on my head.

would people describe you as eccentric? i've been told that, yes. but i have also been told that i'm just crazy, that i'm not rich enough to be called eccentric yet. haha!

how opinionated are you? i have strong opinions but i always listen to others and if they make sense and seem logical to me then i tend to change my opinions around.

are you ruled by your head or your heart? most definitely my heart. it gets me in so much trouble.

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? very sensitive. i am able to brush it off but sometimes i just want to cry if it comes from someone i love dearly.

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? i am very sensitive. if i'm very close to them they don't even need to say anything and i'm already setting up for whatever is needed. sometimes though, i get too wrapped up in my own feelings and emotions and don't see how selfish i realyl can be.

are you emotional or detached? very emotional

how romantic are you?

are you a vegetarian or vegan? no. i would like to be a vegetarian but i just like hamburgers and other things way too much!

do you have strong political views? not really. i'm just kind of here...

what signs do you get along well with? mostly other water signs especially pisceans. my closest girl friend is a gemini. i get along with saggitarians too, as long as i don't try to get into a relationship haha! but why is it that whenever i try to go for a piscean male romantically it always blows up in my face?

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Twelve Hearts [11 Jan 2006|01:39pm]

[ mood | busy ]

or Doce Corazones, in Spanish. For any of you who are increadible love zodiac compatability junkies and are spanish speaking water signs would enjoy this. It's a dating game based on your sign =o) Which I found it to be an awesome Idea =o)

Check it out:
1pm Every Day on Channel 47 (eastern time)

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Growing up [08 Jan 2006|01:58am]

I've been growning up alot lately. Starting to notice all the Imagary visions of my future self coming true. It's weird. I'm 19 going to be 20 on Feb 24th...I will no longer be a teenager and I havta start thinking about a job and an apartment and a life...holy shit.

ANy advice on growing up? I feel like I am having a mental breakdown....how do you handle it all? How do you make desicions so quickly and accurately? Do you ever worry about _______?

Reply please
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hio.. [09 Dec 2005|08:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm 'new', somewhat...I used to be a big fan of astrology when I was growing up, then I just stopped reading about it.

I'm a Scorpio, dating a Cancer...the guy is my complete opposite; I'm artsy-fartsy, he's all scientific.

I'm really here just to learn about somethings, again. -_-

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[06 Dec 2005|12:47pm]

Look out everyone....Pisces moon on the rise...But prepared for fights with Virgos and emotional rip tides
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wtf [05 Dec 2005|12:14am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Why the hell to pisces feel the need to torture them selves constantly? why can't they just fuckin let go? Anyone have any insight?

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BORED! [30 Nov 2005|12:10am]

[ mood | bored ]

When is your birthday? 2-27-85

what's your sun sign? Pisces

how tall are you? 6'1

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? Music, Science, and mostly Art.

how would you describe your dress sense? lax.

are you a jealous person? Sometimes, but only over important things.

are you rebellious? when I'm in the mood.

do you hold grudges? If I really try, but generally no.

are you chilled out or intense? I'm frozen, baby.

would people describe you as eccentric? some may.

how opinionated are you? I have my opinions but if your not gonna listen I'm not gonna share.

are you ruled by your head or your heart? My gut mostly, then my heart, then penis, and occasionally my head gets a word in.

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? Wicked sensitive, I hate criticism.

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? Too sensitive, I gotta learn to stop caring.

are you emotional or detached? Very emotional.

how romantic are you? i don't know, i guess that means probably not very.

are you a vegetarian or vegan? Neither I'm NORMAL!

do you have strong political views? Semi

what signs do you get along well with? Aquarious, Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, really well with other Pisces.

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hey everyone! i'm new! [27 Nov 2005|06:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

When is your birthday? July 16, 1989

what's your sun sign? Cancer

how tall are you? 5'10

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc? art, music, science (although i am not excelltent in it)

how would you describe your dress sense? casual and comfortable

are you a jealous person? yes, although i work on it

are you rebellious? to certain extent.

do you hold grudges? yes, easily, but i also forgive easily, if done the right way

are you chilled out or intense? intense, but i have a great sense of humor

would people describe you as eccentric? i wouldn't say so

how opinionated are you? yes, but i respect those of others and mostly keep them so myself

are you ruled by your head or your heart? heart, for sure

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc? very very sensitive. its probably how people know me best

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs? i am very sensitive to others

are you emotional or detached? emotional

how romantic are you? extremely...i love love

are you a vegetarian or vegan? vegetarian!

do you have strong political views? yes, very much so

what signs do you get along well with? mostly, i have noticed i go for capricorns, geminis, taurus',other cancers, and aquarius', but my strongest relationships are with capricorns.

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